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Reiki infused skin care and therapeutic tonics.

Cultivated with intention to enhance the magic within.

Reiki meets skin care


Renew that glow and combat aging with these ultra-hydrating elixirs. Brighten, tighten and tone with our infusions of fresh aloe, hyaluronic acid and sea vitamins for added protection against free radicals.

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Exfoliation is crucial for brightening complexion and improving the skin's texture. Treat yourself to these gentle scrubs to remove dead skin cells and properly absorb moisturizers.

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Craving spiritual nourishment? Interested in elevating your vibration? Bring harmony and alignment with these Reiki infused tonics.

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Explore the healing properties of our earth's most precious minerals. Ethically sourced. Reiki infused.

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Crystal Therapy

Inspired by our connection with the earth, with benefits for the mind body and soul.

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15 days in... and I finally have the best skin of my life!

Jamie R.

All of my redness is gone, pores are minimized and my face isn't a total grease ball like it used to be!

Jessie M.

That is the best my skin has EVER felt after rinsing a scrub off. That honey is LIQUID GOLD!

Cassie M.

When I opened it, I could feel the energy and care you put into your craft. I really love the cards and corresponding yoga poses! This was as surprise and it is one of the best gifts I have ever recieved.

Sarah R.

After using HYDRATE for less than a month, my esthetician said my hydration numbers almost doubled! It was in the teens, and now I'm almost in the 40's. I love how my skin glows. It smells amazing.

Jessie S.


I'm usually dry even after I put on moisturizer. I have to do multiple layers. Not tonight! Whatever secret magic is in this cream [HYDRATE] is wonderful.

Corinne B.

My 'crow's feet' look WAY better! I reiterate how happy I was at how well RESURFACE prevented a blemish from surfacing, that would've stayed on my face for a minimum of 4 weeks otherwise!

Shanna B.

My favorite is GLOW. Not only does it make my skin feel good and look dewy, but I've also discovered what an amazing primer it is! I've never had my BB cream go on so smoothly! I can't live without it now!

Ronica P.